CheckGateway script - for RMM.

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Check Gateway - RMM script

That script is made for RMM using like Solarwinds MSP, NinjaRMM or others.

How it works ?

First, the script gets the gateway's IP address :

$LocalIP = (Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | Where-Object {$_.IPEnabled}).DefaultIPGateway

Then, with the IP address, the script gets the MAC address of the gateway :

$MacAddress = ((Get-NetNeighbor -IPAddress $LocalIP).LinkLayerAddress)

And the public IP address with :

$PublicIP = ((Resolve-DnsName -Name -Server

Next, we got arrays containing the MAC addresses by manufacturer :

$MacFreebox = "F4-CA-E5","00-07-CB","00-24-D4","14-0C-76","34-27-92","68-A3-78","70-FC-8F","8C-97-EA","E4-9E-12"
$MacLivebox = "00-37-B7"
$MacApple = "BC-B8-63"
$MacXiaomi = "E0-CC-F8"

The script cuts the MAC address of the gateway by 3 groups (bytes) :

$MacSplit = $MacAddress -split "-"
$MacPrefix = $MacSplit[0] + "-" + $MacSplit[1] + "-" + $MacSplit[2]

Next, compares the MAC addresses with arrays :

if($MacFreebox -contains $MacPrefix)
{$Router = "a Freebox"}
elseif($MacLivebox -contains $MacPrefix)
{$Router = "a Livebox"}
elseif($MacApple -contains $MacPrefix)
{$Router = "an Apple device"}
elseif($MacXiaomi -contains $MacPrefix)
{$Router = "a Xiaomi device"}
else # If router is unknown
{$Router = "Unknown"}

And give the result of the comparison :

if ($Router -like 'Unknown') # In the case router is unknown
{Write-Host "Router is unknown ($MacAddress). Maybe a randomized MAC address" ; exit 1}
{Write-Host "Gateway is $Router ($MacAddress). `nLocal IP is $LocalIP. `nPublic IP is $PublicIP." ; exit 0}